#1 Thing to Do Once You Catch a California Skunk and Afterwards

The Fontana skunk is perhaps the last animal you want to encounter when you are tending your yards particularly for those who have pets. In our years of experience in the wildlife control business, we are all aware on the possible consequences on interacting with an aggressive skunk. This is why you need to get them out of your property at once. Trapping them would be one of the easiest methods to get rid of them.

What You Need to Do After Trapping the Skunk

Capturing them with your reliable California trap is only half the battle; you still need to know the things that you need to do with the skunk inside the cage trap. Pay attention to the tips that we will mention below to guarantee that your skunk exclusion will proceed without any hitch.

Remain Calm

After you capture the skunk, you need to remain calm. A Fontana skunk inside the trap will definitely feel frightened. Frightening them may possibly increase the occurrence of spraying. You will need to calm them by covering the cage trap with a blanket. Being in a dark will have a soothing effect to this creature. When placing a blanket, approach the trap quietly and calmly. Talk to the creature in a calm and soothing tone and you should never catch them off guard. In case you will notice them raising their tails or stomping their feet, back off since this is a warning sign.

Releasing the Skunk

For those who choose to release the California skunk, you need to act very carefully. Before you even take the trap in the wild to release the skunk, you will need to ask the local wildlife agency or game commission if relocating the skunk will be a viable option. If you can’t release the skunk within 3 miles away from the place where you capture it, then it will just return. If you are allowed to release them, you should use a trap that can be open using one hand. There are also traps that you are not required to handle to keep it open. Some of them will have a hand guard or concealment that serves as a guard against their obnoxious spray. Choosing a simple device will make the releasing process a lot easier.

Euthanizing the Skunk

Under the law, you are also allowed to euthanize the creature. Euthanizing means that you are not permitted to cause the creature with any unnecessary distress and pain. You can shoot them in the head but be sure that you are confident with your marksmanship skill. You also need to verify that the use of firearm is allowed in your state. You can also take them in the veterinary office to administer lethal injection but not a lot of them are willing to do it due to the risks. The best method to euthanize them would probably be to take them on a local wildlife center to conduct asphyxiation through CO2.

These are some of the possible things that you can do after you capture a skunk in your Fontana property. If you do not want the hassle of dealing with the skunk, there are wildlife removal specialists who are willing to do it for you.

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