Top Events to Expect Once a Fontana Mouse is in YOUR House!

You are probably wondering what the Fontana house mouse will do once they get an access inside the house. The rats can use a hole with a diameter of ¼ inch to invade our house. The warmth that our house offers would be enough for them to be interested in our house. Once the temperature drops down, they will be looking for a place where they can escape the unforgiving weather.

What the House Mouse Will Do If It Gets Inside Our House

It will be quite irritating to see a California mouse inside our house but that is the least of your concern. You need to pay attention to the damages that your house may incur from their invasion. They can tear our insulation, contaminate our house, and spread diseases.

The House Mouse Will Build their Nest

The house mouse will use everything they can when building their nest. They may use an old fabric, piece of newspaper, cardboard box, and just about anything that they can tear. Even those essential documents will not be safe from their attack. It will gather enough materials to build a soft, warm, and comfortable nest. The mice also have a tendency to chew a range of items like wirings and insulation materials. 

Searching for Food

Before they established their nest in your California house, they have to make sure that they will be close to their food source. While they are roaming inside our house, they will mark our house with urine. They will defecate and contaminate our home. Once it made its way to our kitchen, it will also contaminate our food sources. This means that when you touch your food, you are basically touching the excrement of the mouse. When gathering their food, the mouse has a tendency to chew the packaging. This may cause the transmission of the disease such as Salmonellosis, Lassa fever, Leptospirosis, Hantavirus, etc.

Looking for Water Source

Apart from the food source they may also contaminate our water source. Usually, the California food that they will eat such as vegetables will provide them enough supply of water. The rodent will require water in order to survive. They will drink the water that is reserved for our pets that may also increase the probability off disease transmission

Lead to a Full-Blown Infestation

The Fontana rats are known for their incredible ability to reproduce. The average type of house mouse can have a maximum of ten litters per year. Each litter will have about 5-10 baby mice. The baby mice will reach their sexual maturity after only 7 weeks and can contribute to the swelling of the population. Dealing with a full-blown infestation is troublesome and will require the assistance of the experts.

These are just some of the things that you should expect once a mouse enters your house. This will help you remain prepared and look for the right solution that will avert the possible damages of the mice infestation.

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