Got a Cage-Shy California Raccoon? Learn How to Trap Him 100%!

Raccoon are nuisance Fontana creatures that have a destructive behavior. They are smart and creative nocturnal creatures. Dealing with them can be difficult since they rarely appear during daytime. Perhaps another problem in trapping the raccoon is they are very cautious in nature. They respond minimally to cages and baits. It is not uncommon that you will encounter a cage-shy raccoon. During this case, catching them using the trapping method can be quite difficult. 

Ways to Remove the Cage-Shy Raccoon from Your Property

There are various reasons why the California raccoons are not interested with your trap. Perhaps your trap is out of their sight or the bait that you used is probably not enough to capture their interest. By following some of the tips below, you can increase the possibility of trapping the raccoon.

The Time

In case trapping the Fontana raccoon seems to be a challenging task, you should set your trap at the most opportune time. For instance, the residence of Canada and the USA should consider laying the traps on the month of November. During this season, the raccoon will be eating non-stop since they need to prepare for the winter season. For those who reside at the southern part of the US, the best time to trap them would be during the summer season. You can simply use a fruit or kernel during this month.

The Place

Proper placement of your trap matters. In fact, this is more important than the California bait that you are using. In case you are looking for the most strategic place, the area outside of their den would be an excellent position. Pay attention to the tracks that they are leaving such as the debris that they used in building their nest; this is also a perfect position. Raccoons also love to build their den on the burrows that are left by other animals. There is a possibility that they are living with the other animals so you need to be careful when trapping them. The possibility that the raccoon will enter your cage will be minimal if this is placed on the area of the house with high amount of human activity. This is due to the fact that they have a tendency to minimize their actions when there is a human presence.

Using the Best Bait

You can increase the success of trapping the cage-shy California raccoon if you use the ideal type of bait. Remember that the bait that you should use will depend upon the particular season. For instance, fruits and kernel would be excellent bait during the summer season. If you want to improve the effectiveness of the bait, cover it with peanut butter. This will greatly encourage the creature to enter your cage. Raccoons have amazing sense of smell and they will be able to trace the source of that interesting scent. 

In cases none of these works, it is time for you to hire the raccoon Fontana removal service. Most of them are specializing in raccoon controls that will enable them to successfully deal with the cage-shy raccoon.

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