Best Proven Ways to Keep Snakes Out of Your California Garden!

The presence of Fontana snakes in your garden is an indication of a healthy ecosystem. While the snakes can be beneficial to your surroundings, you still don’t want to experience a snake invasion in your garden. In case you notice a snake in the yard, then try your best to remain calm. The snakes will move carefully and quietly and will only minimally disturb their environment. They will hide in obscure areas of your garden and will eliminate the pests.

Guide in Keeping the Snakes Away from Your Garden

Most of the California snakes are harmless and they are not aggressive. They also try to keep a good distance to Fontana humans. Despite of the many advantages that they offer, not a lot of people would want to welcome them in their garden.

Remove the Snake’s Hiding Spot

Most snakes will try to avoid the human presence. They will look for places to hide such as California tall grass and piles of woods. In case you want to make sure that your garden will remain free from slithering creatures, then you will need to remove all possible places where they can hide. Avoid mulching since this can be an excellent way to conceal their presence. By making this a habit, you will make your garden less-desirable in the eye of the snake. 

Install Snake Fence

Snake fence is different from your regular barrier since they prevent California snakes from climbing over. Due to the flexible and pliable form of the fence, the snake will not feel secured when climbing it. They prefer to go through the openings of the fence. The opening will expand that will allow them to fit their head but will capture them by the neck. This will be quite laborious but it will be effective in keeping the snake at bay. You don’t have to bury it deep in the ground. Simply fasten the fence on the ground for every five feet.

Get Rid of Your Rodent and Pest Infestation

Snakes are going to your garden since there is something that captured their attention. This can be a shelter but in most instances this will be food. Rodents will mark their territory with their urine that contains pheromones. However, the snakes can also sense this. The active snake hunters will follow the scent. If you have a rodent infestation in your garden, then there is a probability that the snake will end in your yard. Dealing with your pest infestation will most possibly solve your snake problem. 

You will be thrilled to know that Fontana snakes do not like humans as much as we abhor their presence. In order to keep them out of the garden, you can simply let them be aware of your presence. You can leave some of your hair outside. This will help in keeping them outside your property. However, in case there is already a snake in your garden, we highly advise you to avoid interacting with them. It is best to let the professionals deal with them.

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